Cancun : 2020-02

I finally made it to Cancun (or Mexico for that matter) courtesy of an airliner.  We had a longer layover which was nice because I could visit the beach.  We stayed in a great hotel - the Marriott Cancun Resort - which was right on the water.  

These are shots from my room.  Above is just the hotel next door, but I thought it could make a cool painting or drawing.  Below is the next morning.  Perfect day.  And the water was perfect, too!  I actually got whistled at by the life guards.  I'm assuming I was too far out...not sure.  I hand't packed very well for the beach, but I made it work.  It was very nice.

We arrived in the evening, but not too late to visit the Blue Gecko Cantina.  It's famous and I'd heard about it many times before so it was great to finally see it.  And their food was great!  I think I had the Coco Loco Shrimp Tacos.  Delicious.

After playing in the ocean, I tried one of the restaurants right next to the hotel.  It was Champions Sports Bar.  You never know what to expect with a hotel eatery, but I have to say, this was one of the best burgers I've had.  Incredibly tender, juicy and tasty!

This is the front of the Marriott.  I loved the white / blue contrast.  Very resort-ish or Greek Island.

Cancun exceeded my expectations for sure.  I imagined a lower-end environment catering to Spring Breakers.  Obviously, a lot of people do go there for that, but it seemed much more higher class and certainly suitable for families.  If you can make it, go see it for yourself!

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