Resources - Books opposed to making them trophies of progress, I am going to keep random notes from books I've read and/or been recommended to read.

Favorite Books:
Specific Notes:

Pilgrims Regress (read, 2016-09)
  • Book 8 CH 5: If its help is not a metaphor neither are its commands.  If it can answer when you call, then it can speak without you asking.  If you can go to it, it can come to you.  - Man
  • Book 8 CH 5:  But is a very different thing to hold your hand out to a surgeon to be hurt as much as he thinks fit.  And at his speed.  – John
  • Book 8 CH 10:  You must not try to keep the raptures; they have done their work.  Manna kept is worms.  - History
Wind in the Willows, The
  • "The Mole was so touched by his kind manner of speaking that he could find no voice to answer him; and he had to brush away a tear or two with the back of his paw. But the Rat kindly looked in another direction, and presently the Mole's spirits revived again..."
    • From the chapter, "The River Bank"; this is after The Mole capsized the boat following his being adamant to row. I love the graciousness and the genius gesture of looking away. It is so powerful and so well captured in this one paragraph. Silence can be incredible.
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