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Ashley Hawk, 2015 ~~~~ Ashley Koi, 2015

Courchevel, 2014 ~~~~ Winning Athens, 2014 ~~~~ Swim Norway, 2014

Dragonfly, 2006 ~~~~ Purple Pilgrims, 1995

End Table, 2004 ~~~~ UNICOM, 1996

Beach Balls, 1995 ~~~~ Nebraska Bales, 1995

Screamin', 1997 ~~~~ Balloon Plain, 1995

Rose, 1994 ~~~~ Airliner, 1994

Frisco Happy, 1994 ~~~~ Frisco Sad, 1994

Christmas Tree, 1994 ~~~~ Yellow Sail, 1994

Cool Spot, 1994 ~~~~ Firetruck, 1994

Steamship, 1994 ~~~~ Wasp, 1994

Washington, 1994 ~~~~ Buffalo, 1994

Box Radio, 1990 ~~~~ Radioman, 1994 ~~~~ Lady in Motion, 1990

Purple Flower, 1990 ~~~~ Don't Ask, 1990 ~~~~ Golden Rule, 1990

These are so small, I didn't give them their own page...

Candlowers, 1990

Watercolor and ink. Similar to the single candlower, this was an idea for a greeting card cover. Looking back, I’m not sure why I drew such a death grip on that bouquet. I can think of two reasons: 1) He was trying to avoid falling wax or 2) it’s easier to draw a hand this way. It’s probably the latter.

Pink Carnations, 1990
Watercolor. For me, flowers can be as tricky as the human form, and for that reason alone I occasionally practice painting them. These carnations were painted when I was pursuing the idea of selling art to use with greeting cards. I may again pursue that - it may not be glamorous, but what a great way to get a lot of practice.
Do you know what you'd get if everyone drove a pink Cadillac? A pink carnation.

 Candlower, 1990
Watercolor and ink. Another painting with greeting cards in mind. People, or should I say I, hardly give a good read to the inside of a card so the front either makes or breaks it. I wanted to make cards that could be judged by the cover – because that’s all there really is. Whether I achieved that or not, I think this would be a cool present because it’d probably be one-of-a-kind.


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