sketches, evolved

Combat Christmas ~~~~~~ Three Pumpkins and Hope

Combat Crow ~~~~ Tiger and Bone ~~~~ Christmas Jays

Christmas Hawk ~~ Christmas Magpies ~~ Christmas Dragon

Lighthouses ~~ Christmas Crab ~~ Christmas Mill

Christmas Bauta ~~ OIF Patch ~~ Cain Frog

Cain Frog ~~ Christmas King ~~ Guardian

Better Dace ~~ Christmas Crosses ~~ Koi Scroll

Christmas Grain (e) ~~ Christmas Grain (f) ~~ Christmas Koi

Samurai ~~ Christmas Tassel


Dace Not Forgotten (left)
2000, pencil and ink
One of my best friends was leaving Japan and I was working on a painting for his going away. Since he was instrumental in the development of the “dace” lingo, I thought a crazy dace titled Dace Not Forgottenwould sum our time together nicely. I was very pleased with the result (he was, too) but unfortunately the final version is unavailable.


Christmas Elevator ~~ Christmas Rig ~~ Purple Pilgrims

Frisco ~~ Monster ~~ Betty's


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