Bridge Life - Red Roof to Dossier

I wrote about Bridge Life near Burlingame, but not really about the actual "bridges".  I've spent quite a bit of time at the Red Roof Plus which is withing walking distance of Burlingame and only minutes from the airport.  This has been a favorite 'bridge' because of that location and because of price.  I don't know the star rating of this place (probably 2 or 3) but it does have its own quaintness.

One side of the hotel has a random area of this paneling with a single bird house attached.  Has nothing to do with anything, but it's become somewhat of a welcome sign.  Another great feature is there is a 24/7 restaurant literally 10 feet away.  Zero feet away if you go through the lobby.  In other words, it's connected to the lobby but not the hotel.  It is Leann's Cafe and I fully recommend it.  You can order anything off the menu regardless of the time of day and even get a beer.  From breakfast to stir fry to noodles to burgers.  Pretty handy and pretty good for the price! 

One thing cool about Bridge Life (and airpower) is you can see lots of bridges all over the country.  Some are very nice.  Below are shots of the Dossier in Portland.  Very cool, very nice, and right down town.  I imagine it's pricey, but if you want a cool place to stay downtown, I'd try it.

One nice thing about being downtown is I could walk to a restaurant that was open.  Just a couple blocks away was the Red Star Tavern.  As it was late, I couldn't order from the full menu which was perfect to help with portion control.  I'm not a huge Caesar salad guy (because you never know how much dressing it'll have), but theirs was fantastic!  Great presentation, perfect amount of dressing and delicious.

This is just a side note.  As a first officer, it's kind of cool to see your position actually painted on the outside of the jet.  This is on the left of the jet...the captain and first officer are flipped on the right side.  The big metal oval is to keep paint and what not out of the static ports.

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