Bridge Life - Burlingame

I've been staying in a pretty good location (and paying for it) in San Francisco - just outside Burlingame, California.  It is a very cool town with some of the most impeccable houses I've seen.  It's a little bit like a movie / storybook.  And, I will admit, I do love the weather/temps here.
Downtown Burlingame.

Just one example of the "perfect" houses of Burglingame.

On one of my walk-arounds, I visited the Peninsula Museum of Art.  I had no big expectations but it was relatively nearby so I took a look.  I was actually pretty cool.  Entry fee was donation only and it also houses individual artists' studios.  I'd never seen that before and they encouraged you to treat them as part of the exhibits.  If the artist was there and/or the door open, you could visit and browse around.  Pretty cool.

The first exhibit was work of a "wirest", Diane Komater.  Pretty interesting medium, I have to say.  And with impressive detail.  "I create 3D drawings using various gauges of annealed steel wire.  I draw in the air!" says the artist.  One side effect (intended or not) are the unusual reflections.

I failed to get the title of the left picture.  "Helen" is in the center and "Hymn" on the right.

I'm not necessarily a big fan of cityscapes but, like music, a good song is a good song.  This is "Singing the Blues", and is just one of several acrylics with stunning detail.  You can see the effect that level of detail creates.  And, I would say the artist, Lynette Cook, is a master of shadows.  As I often struggle with being bold enough with my contrasts - these paintings remind me going bold pays dividends.

This last painting was one of many landscapes by artist, Carolyn Shaw.  I thought they were great and she was actually in her studio the day I walked through.  That was a nice touch.

This is the museum entrance and courtyard.  I love this architecture and concrete is awesome.  Aside from the art, I'm glad I visited because the building is scheduled to be torn down to create space for condos.  It's a nice space for music, studios, a gallery and art instruction.  Tough to exchange for condos.

To wrap up the excursion, I got a bite at Maverick Jack's which is in a former train station.  It was nice because the trains still pass by as you eat.  And trains are cool.

Cool building and awesome beer glasses.

- mm -

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