United in Vegas : 2020-03

Took my first trip to Vegas with United.  Actually, it was my second but the first with a nice layover.  Enough time to allow me to have a beer, eat, gamble $5, and walk the Strip.  Pretty awesome since I hadn't been there for about 13 years.  I was in Vegas only a year ago, but not on the Strip.  Funny how time flies by.

Enroute to starting the trip, I sat next to an epic corona virus survivor.  Latex gloves, respirator, sealed glasses and earphones.  He even took a couple shots from an inhalator before we departed.  He might have been super asthmatic, but I assume he was corona-paranoid.  I get the protection, but the funny thing is he entered and exited the aircraft without the ensemble.  If you're paranoid about air travel, why would you enter/exit the airplane without the straight-from-a-movie getup?

My sister-in-law asked about the hotels we stay in. If anyone complains about the accommodations we receive, they have lost touch with reality. Just look at this room - and only walking distance from the Strip. We get treated very well.
Since we were staying at the MGM Grand, I felt obligated to take a picture of Leo who guards the entry.  I didn't know that he is the largest bronze statue in America and the Western Hemisphere.  Regardless of Leo's claim to fame, it was an absolutely epic day.  Clouds in Vegas and about 60 degrees.  So perfect.  Almost 100% of the time, I love Las Vegas.

- mm -

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