Nebraska | 2019-10

When I visit home (and the weather permits) I love to ride my old 10-speed around. I had some great weather this most recent visit and took some pictures which I think well-captured "Nebraska".

We have a cemetery on the west end of town which I visit almost every time I'm home. It's peaceful and there are some great trees. The older part is Mount Calvary and shown above left. I thought the sunlight was a great reminder of hope while standing among graves. On the right is essentially opposite the graveyard (facing east) and I thought it was a perfect "painters" sky.

This is also Mount Calvary but in panoramic. The picture terminates at the same fence line.

And this was a classic Nebraska shot. Flat, big sky, crops, and that's about it.
The ends of this shot are on the same road.

As an aside, my parents always make great meals.

- mm -

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