Why I Love Airfields 10 : 2019-10

Why do I love airfields?  Well, there are several reasons and you can find out in the series - "Why I Love Airfields".  This is the tenth installment, but there are hundreds or reasons/images captured by the brain which are impossible to share.  This addition is for those random moments which are by chance, but at the same time, only seen at an airfield.  For example, what are the chances you'd see a 75-year-old legend taxi by while preflighting a Cessna 172?  Almost zero, but there she was in all her glory, the B-24 aka "Witchcraft".  The funny thing about the "Liberator" is her numbers in contrast to her notoriety.  Everyone knows the B-17 Flying Fortress, but we made 5000+ more Liberators than B-17s.  5000 more!  We've only made 744 B-52s.  That's incredible.  And so we don't forget, the numbers we're talking about are 18,188 B-24s and 12,731 B-17s. As of this post, the USAF's entire inventory (including everything) is about 4,786 aircraft.  That's the deficit between two air frames in WWII...what an incredible effort.

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