Best Soap Dispenser : 2020-05

Many inventions are "by chance".  The inventor stumbles across them and the next thing we know something was invented that we never knew we needed.  This was a bit different. I was walking through Walmart thinking about the best way to transfer dish soap.  Yes, you could simply squeeze it out of the bottle, but that always seems to get messy.  You also have the labeled container (which I don't like) and it may not be the most convenient size (if you buy large).
Walking through Walmart it hit me...ketchup and mustard.  Those can also be very messy but what about the hot dog stand?  And Walmart (this is why I love Walmart) had the very dispensers.  So I bought a $0.99 dispenser and have used it almost every day since.

It has a lid, you can put the soap exactly where you want it and it's fail-safe.  Just so you know, my mustard soap container sits in the drain.  Yes, it sits perfectly in the drain (not the disposal) which also allows it to drain/dry.
By the way, I really only buy about six things for the house...bleach, 409, vinegar, Magic Erasers, Dobies and soap.  Paper towels and toilet paper are not in that list, but I use them (and buy them) quite often.  I wash my hands with dish soap, clean my sink with dish soap, and clean dishes with it.
Not listed, but deserves commentary...shampoo.  Personally, I use the lowest grade.  Walmart doesn't make a "Great Value" shampoo, but Suave continues to produce the lowest priced shampoo.  I love Suave and have used it for at least three decades.  But here's the secret.  It will destroy almost any stain.  Scrub the stain with shampoo before you run it through the laundry.  You will be impressed.
I also use shampoo to clean the shower.  Soak a Dobie with shampoo and you'll be able to scrub anything away.  You can do the same with liquid soap, but shampoo tends to win.  They are so similar I call them 'hair soap' and 'body soap'.  Clothes soap ("detergent") is in the same category.

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