Airpower of all kinds : 2021-07

 Here are some great pics of airpower at its finest...

Every time I walk around a 737, I can't believe how big it is. My previous jet was about 32' x 32'. This jet (in the new livery) is well beyond those dimensions and the tail is huge.

Not a jet, but still able to get to Leadville, Sweet Pea is on the left. A 737 Max engine shining in the sunset is on the right. It is so shiny because it's new. It's a great aircraft.

And finally, the absolute best aircraft ever. Birds never worry about annuals or crosswinds. These babies will soon become barn swallows which can out maneuver anything. Minus a dragonfly (not certain).
And just a day later.

And just another day later...full up birds.

- mm -

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