Epic Friday : 2021-11

I took a student in his Mooney to Leadville (KLXV) - which is always great. They get their certificate of navigating to the highest airport in North America. We had impeccable weather and arrived with no issues.

The Mooney against the indescribable background. 

I think this 'mission statement' / 'mission objective' of Leadville is great.
It sits above a prop bended by a ground impact.

After the mountain flight, the day only got better. I flew formation with one of the greatest guys in the world. He was lead since he had about 50 less horsepower. It worked great. I do not like how cameras push things further away then they are.

I was in Belle and he was in Betsy.  It was such a fantastic day.

Ryan (in Betsy) finding other places to explore.

Same picture with much more sky The flights I share with Ryan are truly beyond comparison. They are the flights that many pilots only dream of. And, probably the best part of that is that neither of us take it for granted. Flying is great!

- mm -

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