Colorado Nebraska 01

The absence of a job (you might call it Corona or a pandemic) has given me plenty of time to paint.  It's been great for me.  I know people have died and have gotten sick, but there's a blessing in time.  This is my latest acrylic. It's from a 19 year old sketch of a barn which I was going to use for a Christmas card. I did make a 'barn' card, but it's not from this sketch.  It's actually this sketch.  There's something about a building against nothing.  It always strikes me.  Eastern Colorado and Nebraska have little to offer in the realm of incredible landscapes, but they have their moments.  You just have to find them.

Colorado Nebraska 01, 2020
acrylic on canvas, 20" x 16"

I painted this over Ashley Koi - not because of Ashley but because it wasn't very good.  No one would ever want it/pay for it.  I actually painted this thing about four times.  Skies are and enduring challenge for me and everyday I look at them, I am completely and utterly amazed.  God just whisks them off his fingers and I cannot capture them.  So I worked on the sky and the clouds and the rough sketch of the building.  I'd show you but I'm so bad at taking pictures throughout.  All the practice was a means of covering a koi in the background.  I'm pretty happy with this.  Maybe an 8 or 8.5.  However, this painting forced me to 'let go' because it wasn't working.  And for that, I give it a 10.  This will be placed in the Miscellany Gallery.

- mm -

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