Why I Love Airfields 17 : 2020-07

It's pretty obvious why I love airfields, but in this case it's primarily because it was the first flight in an airplane that took forever to get its new engine. But beyond that, the day/weather were epic.

This is Sweet Pea (N62740). I name all the planes I fly with. Several people hate it but interestingly enough, they all start adopting the names. Every plan should be named. I call her Sweet Pea because she has green stripes and green interior. She's also sweet because she's carrying a 180 hp engine. Which, in my opinion all 172s should have. What a perfect ending the the first flight of an airplane...a rainbow!

Here's Sweet Pea on final. If you could just remove the houses in the distance, it would be even more ideal. But who can argue...this is beautiful. As an aside, this is runway 33 which is NOT the normal runway at Meadow Lake.

Airfields are great!

- mm -

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