Why I Love Airfields 22 : 2021-05

So were doing an out-n-back to Telluride. Unfortunately, we didn't land because the winds were a bit out of control.  We saw the airfield so there was some value in gaining situational awareness. Also, we were able to do some excellent ridge crossings and hone our skills at reading the mountains - including passes I hadn't used - priceless experience.

We took the south route around Telluride to avoid some weather.  The route passes near Pagosa Springs (KPSO) and Astronaut Kent (KRCV).  Astronaut Kent? The full name is Del Norte - Astronaut Kent Rominger Airport. There was no way I was going to say "Del Norte" on the radio. Not with a name like Astronaut Kent.

And this is why I love airfields. You never know what you'll see and you can't make it up. This airfield was unattended but had one of the coolest FBOs I've seen.  Maybe a 40'x 40' building (totally open), with a kitchenette, a great bathroom (with shower), cookies on the table, a guest book, and food in the fridge! But then you look outside and couldn't paint a better picture. I'm sure Astronaut Kent has nothing to do with the landscape, but it sure does match.

The hillscape was incredible.  As was the sky.

You can't make this up.

Taking Runway 6 to depart for Hayden Pass.

Pictures seldom do justice to reality, but if you see pictures like this, you can only imagine how it looked in real life! It looked amazing. As a side note, if you want to practice some challenging traffic patterns (with obstacles)…go here!

- mm -

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