Blue Jay Delivery : 2021-08

I was fortunate enough to ferry a Citabria for a friend of mine I've only met thrice. The first was by phone, the second by chance and the third was when I delivered Blue Jay.  He's a fantastic guy and was one of the best recipients of an aircraft delivery. There's nothing worse than a "ho-hum" recipient. If I just brought you your airplane, "ho-hum" is not appropriate. It separates aircraft owners from aircraft lovers. This recipient was NOT hu-hum! He's an aircraft lover.

Pre-departure shot of Blue Jay

Sellers are always interesting. This seller was rather typical. I hate to say it, but a 'typical' seller may or may not supply anything (oil, fuel dipstick, water, paper towels). This seller actually provided everything except gas. I think he prepositioned the aircraft on three gallons of gas. I did appreciate his sundries (paper towels, water, oil), but did not appreciate his 100% reluctance to add gas. I never appreciate that. They've just sold an airplane and they're kibbling about gas prices. Don't be that seller.

And to the seller's credit, he took a pretty good video of the departure...

Departing Lamar MO (KLLU) with a whopping 100 HP.

Blue Jay at her half-way point, Kennett Memorial Airport, MO (KTKX)

Blue Jay arriving Barwick Lafayette Airport, GA (9A5)
Although it was GA and August, it was a surprisingly nice arrival. A storm had just passed, there was shade (clouds) and it was significantly cooler. I couldn't've asked for nicer conditions.

I mentioned a storm had just passed. This is my track. While it looks like I fly towards cells, I don't. I do my best to avoid them. However, I will say a picture like this gets lots of attention from ATC (air traffic control). That attention can be very helpful. I was essentially hand-delivered into 9A5. I love that.

And this...great pic. It has the name of someone close and the sky was great. Flying is Great!

- mm -

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