Baton Rouge Out-n-Back : 2021-08

Flew an out-n-back to Baton Rouge. It was almost a 14-hour trek and super hot, but it was a great trip. We took a C182 and the mission was to get to a business meeting. It all went off without a hitch. The routing was KFLY-KPVJ-KBTR with the return trip of KBTR-KCTK-KFLY.

The FBO at Pauls Valley (KPVJ) was a cool building (above, left). I love the surprises of FBOs. You just never know what you'll see. The surreal thing about KPVJ was there was absolutely nothing there - including other airplanes.

This was a shot of the Skylane turned out cool. The weeds in the cracks were about the same size as the plane. If you imagine it's 99 degrees, you will have the correct picture.

Speaking of FBOs, the Jet Center at KBTR was very impressive. Not only was it a cool building, everything they had inside was free. Love that.

The lobby of the KBTR Jet Center.

- mm -

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